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Once the dimensional requirement for a structure have been defined, it becomes necessary to determine the loads the structure must support. In order to design a structure, it is therefore necessary to first specify the loads that act on it. The design loading for a structure is often specified in building codes. There are two types of codes: general building codes and design codes, engineer must satisfy all the codes requirements for a reliable structure.

There are two types of loads that structure engineering must encounter in the design. First type of load is called Dead loads that consist of the weights of the various structural members and the weights of any objects that are permanently attached to the structure. For example, columns, beams, girders, the floor slab, roofing, walls, windows, plumbing, electrical fixtures, and other miscellaneous attachments. Second type of load is Live Loads which vary in their magnitude and location. There are many different types of live loads like building loads, highway bridge Loads, railroad bridge Loads, impact loads, wind loads, snow loads, earthquake loads, and other natural loads.

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