Structural Research - Structures and Loads

Structures and Loads

A structure refers to a body or system of connected parts used to support a load. Important examples related to Civil Engineering include buildings, bridges, and towers; and in other branches of engineering, ship and aircraft frames, tanks, pressure vessels, mechanical systems, and electrical supporting structures are important. In order to design a structure, one must serve a specified function for public use, the engineer must account for its safety, aesthetics, and serviceability, while taking into consideration economic and environmental constraints. Other branches of engineering work on a wide variety of nonbuilding structures.

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Takalik Abaj - Site Description and Layout - Structures
... The southern limit of the ballcourt is formed by Structure Sub-1, just over 11 metres (36 ft) to the south of Structures Sub-2 and Sub-4, creating a southern end ... Structure 5 is a large pyramid on the west side of Terrace 3 ... It forms the western end of an alignment of three structures, the others being Structures 6 and 7 ...
Structural Research - Structures and Loads - Loads
... Once the dimensional requirement for a structure have been defined, it becomes necessary to determine the loads the structure must support ... In order to design a structure, it is therefore necessary to first specify the loads that act on it ... The design loading for a structure is often specified in building codes ...
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... The Schoolhouse at Truxton Canyon Training School in Valentine operated from 1903-1937 as a mandatory boarding school in which Hualapai were separated from their families and put to work learning various trades ... Long a symbol of forced assimilation, the historic building is now the property of the Hualapai Nation ...
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... An orphan structure is a financing term referring to a company whose shares are held by a trustee on a non-charitable purpose trust ... Orphan structures are usually used in offshore structures to ensure that the assets and liabilities of the subject company are treated as "off-balance-sheet" with ... Other reasons for creating an orphan structure are to avoid or minimise regulation which might otherwise apply to a structure, and to ensure that the company is "bankruptcy remote" from companies in the same ...
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... TTE is usually clearer images, especially of structures that are difficult to view transthoracicly (through the chest wall) ... All these structures, along with the increased distance the beam must travel, weaken the ultrasound signal thus degrading the image and Doppler quality ... In adults, several structures can be evaluated and imaged better with the TEE, including the aorta, pulmonary artery, valves of the heart, both atria, atrial septum, left atrial appendage, and coronary arteries ...

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    Shining through tears, like April suns in showers,
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