Strike Team

Strike Team may refer to:

  • Strike Team, a special unit of firefighters in South Australia's Country Fire Service, and Victoria's Country Fire Authority, in Victoria a Strike Team usually refers to a unit of five appliances used to fight large, campaign-sized wildfires such as those on Black Saturday.
  • Strike Team, the fictional tactical unit on The Shield
  • Strike Team, a team of the U.S. Coast Guard's National Strike Force

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Snitches - Episode List - Season 3 (2004)
... Season 3 follows the Strike Team attempts of lying low after the Money Train Heist ... Kurt Sutter March 9, 2004 (2004-03-09) 5012-03-301 The Strike team's attempt to play by the book comes to an abrupt end when they discover that two gangs, the Byz Latz and the One-Niners ... Tension within the group begins to mount as the Strike Team attempt to rectify a mistake Vic made, when he decided to use some of the cash from the stolen money train ...
Swindle (Transformers) - Transformers: Generation 1 - Fun Publications
... Magnum introduces them to Metalhawk's team at the Elite Guard headquarters ... The Elite Guard Alpha Team and Strike Team did battle against a horde of ferrovorous bugs in one of Cybertron's city-states ... Magnum then ordered the Strike Team to escort the Alpha Team to Space Port Bravo for their next mission ...
Last Legionary - Plot - Day of The Starwind (1980)
... There have been rumors of a strike team operating from there ... a group, and is surprised that he recognizes the members of the strike team ... The strike team are eager to try their skills against a real Legionary, but when given the chance, Keill defeats them ...
List Of The Shield Cast Members - Characters - Strike Team
... corrupt police officer and former leader of the Strike Team he steals from drug dealers, beats and tortures suspects, and has committed murder more than once, including a fellow police officer ... Vic Mackey's best friend and partner before the Strike Team was formed ... Shane grows to regret his actions as part of the Strike Team and expresses great remorse for what he has become ...

Famous quotes containing the words team and/or strike:

    They’re two good old friends of mine. I call them Constitution and The Bill of Rights. A most dependable team for long journeys. Then I’ve got another one called Missouri Compromise. And a Supreme Court—a fine, dignified horse, though you have to push him on every now and then.
    Dan Totheroh (1895–1976)

    I had to say something
    To strike him very weird,
    So I yelled out,
    “I like Fidel Castro and his beard.”
    Bob Dylan [Robert Allen Zimmerman] (b. 1941)