Some articles on stresses:

Turbulence Kinetic Energy - Computational Fluid Dynamics - Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes Equations
... use the Boussinesq eddy viscosity hypothesis to calculate the Reynolds stresses that result from the averaging procedure where The exact method of ... Reynolds-stress models (RSM) use a different method to close the Reynolds stresses, whereby the normal stresses are not assumed isotropic, so the issue with TKE ...
Military Psychology
... to enable the troops to better survive the stresses of war while using psychological principles to unbalance the enemy forces for easier wins ... All stresses and psychological illnesses that military psychology looks at are not specific only to the military ... specific combination of these otherwise generic stresses ...
Bending (metalworking) - Process
... Usually bending has to overcome both tensile stresses and compressive stresses ... When bending is done, the residual stresses cause the material to spring back towards its original position, so the sheet must be over-bent to achieve the ...
Shot Peening - History and Further Developments
... The maximum tensile stresses are located on the surface of the concave portion of leaf springs the peening effectively offset the maximum tensile stresses, also located on the surface ...

Famous quotes containing the word stresses:

    Europe has a press that stresses opinions; America a press, radio, and television that emphasize news.
    James Reston (b. 1909)

    Families need families. Parents need to be parented. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles are back in fashion because they are necessary. Stresses on many families are out of proportion to anything two parents can handle.
    T. Berry Brazelton (20th century)

    The goal in raising one’s child is to enable him, first, to discover who he wants to be, and then to become a person who can be satisfied with himself and his way of life. Eventually he ought to be able to do in his life whatever seems important, desirable, and worthwhile to him to do; to develop relations with other people that are constructive, satisfying, mutually enriching; and to bear up well under the stresses and hardships he will unavoidably encounter during his life.
    Bruno Bettelheim (20th century)