Newtonian refers to the work of Isaac Newton, in particular:

  • Newtonian mechanics, also known as classical mechanics
  • Newtonian telescope, a type of reflecting telescope
  • Newtonian cosmology
  • Newtonian dynamics
  • Newtonianism, the philosophical principle of applying Newton's methods in a variety of fields
  • Newtonian fluid, a fluid that flows like water—its shear stress is linearly proportional to the velocity gradient in the direction perpendicular to the plane of shear
    • Non-Newtonian fluids, in which the viscosity changes with the applied shear force

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... Jurin was an "ardent Newtonian" ... Always advocating the Newtonian position, he was a keen controversialist, corresponding with Voltaire, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon and Émilie du ...
Social Gravity
... The Social gravity as an application of Newtonian gravity to the system of commerce influence ... in The Administration of the Colonies (1764), Thomas Pownall (1722–1805) had used the Newtonian concept of "attraction" to form the basis of his political and commercial theory of empire ... Pownall applied the Newtonian concept of gravity to his theory of empire, as evident in his suggestion that the "laws of nature" held the colonies to Great ...
Two-body Problem In General Relativity - Corrections To The Schwarzschild Solution - Post-Newtonian Expansion
... See also Post-Newtonian expansion and Parameterized post-Newtonian formalism In the Schwarzschild solution, it is assumed that the larger mass M is stationary and it alone determines ... form and therefore one has to resort to approximation techniques such as the post-Newtonian approximation or numerical approximations ... The post-Newtonian expansion is a calculational method that provides a series of ever more accurate solutions to a given problem ...
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