Steering Axis

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Bicycle And Motorcycle Dynamics - Lateral Dynamics - Balance - Trail
... that the front wheel ground contact point trails behind the steering axis ground contact point ... The steering axis is the axis about which the entire steering mechanism (fork, handlebars, front wheel, etc.) pivots ... In traditional bike designs, with a steering axis tilted back from the vertical, positive trail tends to steer the front wheel into the direction of a lean, independent of forward speed ...
Scrub Radius - Steering Axis Inclination
... The steering axis inclination (SAI) is the angle between the centerline of the steering axis and vertical line from center contact area of the tire (as ...
Scrub Radius
... and the SAI line extended downward through the steering axis ... The line through the steering axis creates a pivot point around which the tire turns ... The point where the steering axis line contacts the road is the fulcrum pivot point on which the tire is turned ...

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