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Stretch-o-Vision - TNT HD and FlexView
... TNT network, and airs the same programming as its standard definition counterpart, substituting high definition versions of programming when available ... are not available to the network in HD, and due to possible difficulties in obtaining high-definition telecines of some movies, some movies cannot be presented in true HD ... as all programs would be either aired in true high definition or stretched to 169 by the system, describing a transition from a HD program to a 43 standard definition program as "jarring" to an average ...
Headend In The Sky
... As of 2010, HITS offers 6 standard-definition multiplexes on SES Americom's SES-1, 12 standard-definition multiplexes and 8 HD multiplexes on AMC-18, 1 ...
Hughes Electronics - Receivers
... The Slimline3 will be the new standard install dish (for HD and SD programming), while the five-LNB Slimline will be used for installs in areas that receive local or ... New STBs also support MPEG-4 standard for HD *Programming ... DirecTV Receiver is a common standard-definition model ...
Standard (warez) - Video Standards - Standard Definition Video - DivX and Xvid For Television Sources
... XviD used for standard definition English television releases has been a ruleless world ... The introduction of HDTV and the availability of high-definition source material has resulted in the release of video files that exceed the maximum ... Due to a missing standard these releases follow different rules ...
Locally Integrable Function - Definition - Standard Definition
... Definition 1 ... The classical definition of a locally integrable function involves only measure theoretic and topological concepts and can be carried over abstract to complex-valued ...

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    The man who knows governments most completely is he who troubles himself least about a definition which shall give their essence. Enjoying an intimate acquaintance with all their particularities in turn, he would naturally regard an abstract conception in which these were unified as a thing more misleading than enlightening.
    William James (1842–1910)

    I don’t have any problem with a reporter or a news person who says the President is uninformed on this issue or that issue. I don’t think any of us would challenge that. I do have a problem with the singular focus on this, as if that’s the only standard by which we ought to judge a president. What we learned in the last administration was how little having an encyclopedic grasp of all the facts has to do with governing.
    David R. Gergen (b. 1942)