Stainless may refer to:

  • Stainless steel, a corrosion-resistant metal alloy
  • Stainless Games, a British video game developer
  • Stainless Broadcasting Company, a TV broadcaster based in Michigan, US
  • Stainless Banner, the second national flag of the Confederate States of America

Other articles related to "stainless":

Stainless Style - Concept Album
... Stainless Style is a concept album based on the tumultuous life of playboy car designer John DeLorean ... The album's title is a pun on stainless steel, deriving from the fact that the only car produced by the DeLorean Motor Company—the DeLorean DMC-12—was distinctive by the fact that ... DeLorean also began selling "D=MC2" stainless steel watches for $3,495 each on the internet in 2000 ...
Stainless Audio Works
... Stainless Audio Works is a Dutch record label which releases techno and Minimal techno releases on vinyl Stainless Audio Works is a record label distributed ...
Cox Model Engine - Reed Valves
... (see image on left) Later Bees, Killer Bees, Venom (post 1989) —oval shaped stainless steel reed which is held in place by a plastic reed retainer ... Some say Mylar is the best while others prefer the stainless steel and then others prefer the Teflon ... make the engine easier to start and go faster, but they do not last as long as the stainless ones ...
Stainless Gamelan
... John Cale Inside the Dream Syndicate Volume 3, Stainless Gamelan or simply Stainless Gamelan (and sometimes incorrectly Stainless "Steel" Gamelan, after the ... Stainless Gamelan, along with the other albums in the trilogy, involve Cale during his tenure with the minimalist group Theatre of Eternal Music ...
Stainless Style
... Stainless Style is the debut album from Neon Neon—a project from Super Furry Animals front man Gruff Rhys and electronic artist Boom Bip—which was released in March ... Stainless Style is a loose concept album based on the tumultuous life of DeLorean Motor Company founder John DeLorean, and features a number of high-profile guest appearances from Fab ...

Famous quotes containing the word stainless:

    The American people is out to get the kaiser. We are bending every nerve and every energy towards that end; anybody who gets in the way of the great machine the energy and devotion of a hundred million patriots is building towards the stainless purpose of saving civilization from the Huns will be mashed like a fly. I’m surprised that a collegebred man like you hasn’t more sense. Don’t monkey with the buzzsaw.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)

    I stir my martinis with the screw,
    four-inch and stainless steel,
    and think of my hip where it lay
    for four years like a darkness.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)