Stable State

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Geoengineering - Justification - Tipping Points and Positive Feedback
... one or more tipping points where aspects of the climate system may 'tip' from one stable state to another stable state, much like a glass tipping over ... When the new stable state is reached, it may trigger or accelerate warming positive feedback effects, such as the collapse of Arctic sea ice triggering the release of methane from permafrost in ...
Arbiter (electronics) - Asynchronous Arbiters - Asynchronous Arbiters and Metastability
... a flip-flop circuit, an arbiter has two stable states corresponding to the two choices ... of each other, the circuit may become meta-stable before reaching one of its stable states to break the tie ... specially designed not to oscillate wildly when meta-stable and to decay from a meta-stability as rapidly as possible, typically by using extra power ...
... A multivibrator is an electronic circuit used to implement a variety of simple two-state systems such as oscillators, timers and flip-flops ... circuits depending on the circuit operation astable, in which the circuit is not stable in either state —it continually switches from one state to the other ... monostable, in which one of the states is stable, but the other state is unstable (transient) ...
Wiggler (JTAG) - Communications Model - Primitives
... communication primitive on which higher layer protocols build State switching.. ... All TAPs are in the same state, and that state changes on TCK transitions ... This JTAG state machine is part of the JTAG spec, and includes sixteen states ...

Famous quotes containing the words state and/or stable:

    All oppression creates a state of war.
    Simone De Beauvoir (1908–1986)

    In short, no association or alliance can be happy or stable without me. People can’t long tolerate a ruler, nor can a master his servant, a maid her mistress, a teacher his pupil, a friend his friend nor a wife her husband, a landlord his tenant, a soldier his comrade nor a party-goer his companion, unless they sometimes have illusions about each other, make use of flattery, and have the sense to turn a blind eye and sweeten life for themselves with the honey of folly.
    Desiderius Erasmus (c. 1466–1536)