St. Peter's Church - United States

United States

(ordered by state then city)

  • St. Peter's Chaldean Catholic Cathedral, San Diego, California
  • St. Peter's Church (Sitka, Alaska), listed on the NRHP in Sitka, Alaska
  • St. Peter's Church (Chicago, Illinois), Downtown Chicago, Franciscans
  • St. Peter Lutheran Church (Schaumburg, Illinois)
  • St. Peter's Church and Rectory, Council Bluffs, Iowa, listed on the NRHP in Pottawattamie County, Iowa
  • St. Peter Church (Keokuk, Iowa), listed on the NRHP in Lee County, Iowa
  • St. Peter's AME Church, Harrodsburg, Kentucky, listed on the NRHP in Mercer County, Kentucky
  • St. Peter's Church (Queenstown, Maryland), listed on the NRHP in Queen Anne's County, Maryland
  • St. Peters Catholic Church (Worcester, Massachusetts), listed on the NRHP in Worcester County, Massachusetts
  • Saint Peter's Church (Mendota, Minnesota)
  • Saint Peters Churchyard, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, oldest extant grave in New Jersey
  • St. Peters Church and Buildings, Spotswood, New Jersey, listed on the NRHP in Middlesex County, New Jersey
  • St. Peter's Church (Albany, New York), listed on the NRHP in Albany, New York
  • St. Peter's Church, Chapel and Cemetery Complex, New York, New York, listed on the NRHP in Bronx County, New York
  • St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, New York, listed as that on the NRHP in New York
  • St. Peter's Presbyterian Church, Spencertown, New York, listed on the NRHP in Columbia, New York
  • Old St. Peter's Church (Van Cortlandtville, New York), NRHP-listed, in Westchester County
  • St. Peter Church (Canton, Ohio), listed on the NRHP in Stark County, Ohio
  • St. Peter-In-Chains Cathedral, Cincinnati, Ohio, listed on the NRHP in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • St. Peter's Church (Mansfield, Ohio), listed on the NRHP in Richland County, Ohio
  • St. Peter's Church (Brownsville, Pennsylvania), listed on the NRHP in Fayette County, Pennsylvania
  • St. Peter's Kierch, Middletown, Pennsylvania
  • St. Peter's Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, listed on the NRHP in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • St. Peter's Church in the Great Valley, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, listed on the NRHP in eastern Chester County, Pennsylvania
  • St. Peter's Church, Warwick, Rhode Island
  • St. Peter's Church and Mount St. Joseph Convent Complex, Rutland, Vermont, listed on the NRHP in Rutland County, Vermont
  • St. Peter's Church (New Kent, Virginia), listed on the NRHP in New Kent County, Virginia
  • St. Peter's Church (Richmond, Virginia), listed on the NRHP in Richmond, Virginia
  • St. Peter's and St. Joseph's Catholic Churches, Oconto, Wisconsin, listed on the NRHP in Oconto County, Wisconsin
  • St. Peter's Church (West Bend, Wisconsin), listed on the NRHP in Washington County, Wisconsin

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