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SS Cavalry Brigade - Formation
... The SS Cavalry Brigade can trace its origin to the SS Totenkopf Horse Regiment (German Reiterstandarte), which was raised in September 1939, for ... In May it was divided into two regiments, SS Totenkopf Horse Regiments 1 2, each of four squadrons, 5th Heavy and 6th Horse Battery also included were ... In March 1941 they were renamed SS Cavalry Regiments (German Kavallerie-Regimenter) 1 and 2 and reformed again into 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saber Squadrons ...
SS Cavalry Brigade
... The SS Cavalry Brigade was a unit of the Waffen SS formed from cavalry regiments created for occupation duties in German-occupied Poland ... In 1942, the brigade was disbanded and became the cadre of the 8th SS Cavalry ("Florian Geyer") Division, during its formation ...
SS Officers - SS Special Purpose Corps - SS Cavalry Corps
... The SS Cavalry Corps (German Reiter-SS) comprised several Reiterstandarten and Reiterabschnitte, which were really equestrian clubs to attract the German upper class and nobility into the SS ... In the 1930s, the Reiter-SS was considered as a nucleus for a military branch of the SS, but this idea was phased out with the rise of the SS-Verfügungstruppe (later the Waffen-SS) ... By 1941 the Reiter-SS was little more than a social club ...
Waffen-SS - World War II - 1941 - Soviet Union
... German invasion of the Soviet Union, started on 22 June 1941, and all the Waffen-SS formations participated (including the SS Reich which was formally renamed to SS Das ... SS Division Nord in northern Finland took part in Operation Arctic Fox with the Finnish Army and at the battle at Salla, where against strong Soviet forces they suffered 300 killed and 400 wounded ... the winter of 1941–42 it received replacements from the general pool of Waffen-SS recruits, who were supposedly younger and better trained than the SS-men of the original formation ...

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