• (adj): Of or relating to a spectrum.
    Example: "Spectral colors"; "spectral analysis"
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Spectral Purity
... Spectral purity is a quantification of the monochromaticity of a given light sample ... Spectral purity is given by Spectral purity is easier to achieve in devices that generate visible and ultraviolet light, since higher frequency light results ...
Spectral Concentration Problem
... The spectral concentration problem in Fourier analysis refers to finding a time sequence whose discrete Fourier transform is maximally localized on a given frequency interval, as ...
Spectral Theory Of Ordinary Differential Equations - Tools From Abstract Spectral Theory - Spectral Measure
... See also Spectral theorem and Projection-valued measure Let H be a Hilbert space and T a self-adjoint bounded operator on H with 0 ≤ T ≤ I, so that the spectrum σ(T) of T is contained in ... If p(t) is a complex polynomial, then by the spectral mapping theorem σ(p(T)) = p(σ(T)) and hence

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    How does one kill fear, I wonder? How do you shoot a spectre through the heart, slash off its spectral head, take it by its spectral throat?
    Joseph Conrad (1857–1924)