Special Moves

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Martial Masters - Gameplay
... features 12 fighters, each with their own special moves and fighting styles ... Moves include throws, air attacks, ground attacks, taunts, teleport, recovery, martial arts moves, special moves, and super special moves ... created, Martial Masters has a combo counter, has Pressure Moves which are performed by pressing the control stick in a certain direction with a button, Roll Recovery that will let you recovery from an attack ...
Street Fighter: The Movie (home Video Game) - Gameplay
... In addition to the regular Special Moves and Super Combos, players can also perform more powerful versions of their character's Special Moves known as "Super Special ... Much like the "ES Moves" featured in Night Warriors and the "EX Specials" later introduced in Street Fighter III 2nd Impact, a Super Special requires for the Super Combo gauge to be at least half-full (af ... the Super Combo gauge is full, the player can perform an unlimited number of Super Specials until the player performs a Super Combo ...
List Of Fatal Fury Characters - Introduced in Fatal Fury - Tung Fu Rue
... When either Andy or Terry defeats him in "Fatal Fury Special," each Bogard brother addresses him as "Master Tan.") He is an elderly martial arts master from China who ... transforms into a musclebound warrior, whose special moves including a flying whirlwind punch and a spinning whirlwind kick in which he shoots fireballs at both directions ... as a playable character in Fatal Fury Special, the upgraded version of Fatal Fury 2 ...
Shin Kidō Senki Gundam Wing: Endless Duel - Special Moves
... The energy is used to perform powerful versions of special moves costing 100 of your energy ... Every character has one or two super specials that require 200 energy and plays a sound right before commencing giving the opponent a split second to respond ... To recover energy the character must block attacks or successfully land attacks meaning a super special that is not blocked will often restore a large portion of the energy it used ...
List Of Fatal Fury Characters - Introduced in Fatal Fury 3 - Bob Wilson
... All of his special moves reference animals in some way, as his Fatal Fury 3 Special Moves are the Wild Wolf, the Bison's Horn, the Lynx's Fang, the Rolling Turtle, and the Hornet Attack ... His Super Special Move is the Dangerous Wolf ... In Real Bout, he gains the Monkey Dance special move and two Hidden Abilities, the Mad Spin Wolf and the Wolf's Fang ...

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    Only beauty purely loving
    Knows no discord,

    But still moves delight,
    Like clear springs renewed by flowing,
    Ever perfect, ever in them-
    Selves eternal.
    Thomas Campion (1567–1620)

    It is surely a matter of common observation that a man who knows no one thing intimately has no views worth hearing on things in general. The farmer philosophizes in terms of crops, soils, markets, and implements, the mechanic generalizes his experiences of wood and iron, the seaman reaches similar conclusions by his own special road; and if the scholar keeps pace with these it must be by an equally virile productivity.
    Charles Horton Cooley (1864–1929)