Space of Flows

The Space of flows is a high-level cultural abstraction of space and time, and their dynamic interactions with digital age society. The concept was created by the sociologist and cybernetic culture theoretician Manuel Castells to "reconceptualize new forms of spatial arrangements under the new technological paradigm"; a new type of space that allows distant synchronous, real-time interaction. (Castells, p. 146) The space of flows first was mentioned in The Informational City: Information Technology, Economic Restructuring, and the Urban Regional Process (1989).

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Space Of Flows - Practical
... Space is the physical support of the way people live in time ... Real world time, the space-and-time to which people are accustomed, is the “space of places”, which is unlike the “space of flows” because it lacks the three elements of (i) a proper flow medium ... The space of flows concept comprehends human action and interaction occurring dynamically and at a distance — effected via telecommunications technology containing continuous ...

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    No country is so peaceful as the one that leads into death. Life arches above one’s head like a bridgespan, and below it flows the water, carries the boat, takes it further.
    Alfred Döblin (1878–1957)

    When my body leaves me
    I’m lonesome for it.
    but body
    goes away to I don’t know where
    and it’s lonesome to drift
    above the space it
    fills when it’s here.
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)