Sodium Channel

Sodium Channel

Sodium channels are integral membrane proteins that form ion channels, conducting sodium ions (Na+) through a cell's plasma membrane. They are classified according to the trigger that opens the channel for such ions, i.e. either a voltage-change ("Voltage gated", "voltage sensitive" or "voltage dependant" sodium channel also called "VGSCs" or "Nav channel") or binding of a substance (a ligand) to the channel (ligand-gated sodium channels).

In excitable cells such as neurons, myocytes, and certain types of glia, sodium channels are responsible for the rising phase of action potentials.

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... It functions by blocking the fast inward movement of sodium ions through the Nav1.5 sodium channel that contributes to the rapid depolarization characteristic of phase 0 in the cardiac action potential ... Pilsicainide is a pure sodium channel blocker, meaning it does not significantly affect any other cardiac channels including potassium and calcium channels ... Pilsicainide binds to a common site on the sodium channel through either intracellular or extracellular application(3) ...
... GeneCards SCN10A Gene Gene Ontology Molecular function • voltage-gated sodium channel activity Cellular component • voltage-gated sodium channel complex ... Nav1.8 is a sodium channel subunit ...
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... Sodium channel blockers are also used as local anesthetics and epilepsy treatments ... Sodium channel blockers have been proposed for use in the treatment of cystic fibrosis, but current evidence is mixed ... effect of some antidepressants is due to sodium channel blockade ...
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... The following toxins modify the gating of sodium channels Peptide based toxins μ-conotoxin δ-atracotoxin Scorpion venom toxins, such as Birtoxin ...

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