Smooth means having a texture that lacks friction. Not rough.

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Lehmer Mean - Applications - Signal Processing
... implementation of a moving arithmetic mean called smooth you can implement a moving Lehmer mean according to the following Haskell code ... Floating a => ( -> ) -> a -> -> lehmerSmooth smooth p xs = zipWith (/) (smooth (map (**p) xs)) (smooth (map (**(p-1)) xs)) For big it can serve an ...
... laɪ.ɵˈplʊərədɒn/ meaning 'smooth-sided teeth') is a genus of large, carnivorous marine reptile belonging to the Pliosauroidea, a clade of short-nec ... The name "Liopleurodon" (meaning "smooth-sided tooth") derives from Greek words λεῖος , "smooth" pleurá, side or rib and odṓn, tooth ...
Smooth Operator - Trivia
... "Smooth Operator" was the subject of a segment on Australian comedy variety show Micallef Tonight in 2003 ... geographical inaccuracy ("Good thing she's a smooth operator, not a tour operator") ... "Smooth Operator" was lampooned by comedian Lenny Henry as 'Lathe Operator' ...
Smooth - Other Uses
... Smoothing (phonetics), a process by which vowel sounds become merged in speech Smooth Island (Antarctica) Smooth Island (Tasmania) Draught beer, when served with nitrogen ...
Smooth Operator
... "Smooth Operator" is a song by the English group Sade, released as the fourth and final single from their debut album Diamond Life (1984) ... and as a 12-inch maxi single with "Smooth Operator" and "Red Eye" on side A and "Spirit" on side B ... remains Sade's biggest hit in the UK to date, "Smooth Operator" is the band's breakthrough hit on the US charts, and their most successful single internationally ...

Famous quotes containing the word smooth:

    Nations are possessed with an insane ambition to perpetuate the memory of themselves by the amount of hammered stone they leave. What if equal pains were taken to smooth and polish their manners?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Black water, smooth above the weir
    Like starry velvet in the night,
    Though ruffled once, would soon appear
    The same as ever to the sight.
    Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869–1935)

    I have seen her smooth as a cheek.
    I have seen her easy,
    doing her business,
    lapping in.
    I have seen her rolling her hoops of blue.
    I have seen her tear the land off.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)