Smokey may refer to:

  • Smokey (album), an album by Smokey Robinson
  • Smokey (mascot), mascot of the University of Tennessee
  • Smokey (Friday), a character from the 1995 film Friday
  • Smokey Bear, mascot of the United States Forest Service
  • Smokey, CB slang for a highway patrolman

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Smokey & Miho
... Smokey Miho was a musical group named after lead vocalists Miho Hatori and Smokey Hormel, [Los Angeles, CA) ...
List Of Friday Characters - F
... FELISHA Felisha is a girl who always asks to use Craig's or Smokey's items ... When Smokey is on Craig's porch, Felisha asked him if she couldcan borrow his car but Smokey refuses ...
List Of Friday Characters - J - Joann
... Joann (played by Vickilyn Reynolds) is Smokey's mother ... She is seen when Smokey goes back to his home to smoke the "weed" ... While there Smokey refers to his mother as "always talking shit" ...
Smokey - People With The Name
... Smokey Robinson, American R B singer and songwriter Smokey Rogers, American Western swing musician Ernest Smith or Smokey, Canadian recipient of the Victoria ...
List Of Friday Characters - S - Smokey
... Smokey (played by Chris Tucker) is one of the main characters in Friday along with Craig, as well as the breakout character due to his role as being comic relief ... At the end of the first film, Smokey remarks he was no longer going to be Big Worm's associate and put himself through a rehab program, then lights up a joint and tells the audience "I was just ... Smokey appeared in Friday The Animated Series as it focuses it on Craig and Smokey in South Central ...