SMM may refer to:

  • Scattering-matrix method, a type of solution to cylindrical electromagnetic scattering problems
  • Science Museum of Minnesota, an American museum focused on topics in technology, natural history, physical science and mathematics education
  • Semporna Airport, IATA code
  • Sex Money Murda, a street gang in America
  • Simulated Method of Moments, a structural estimation technique in econometrics
  • Single Marketing Method
  • Single-molecule magnet, a class of metalorganic compounds, that show superparamagnetic behavior below a certain blocking temperature at the molecular scale
  • Single-monthly mortality rate
  • S-Methylmethionine, a derivative of methionine with the chemical formula +
  • Social media marketing, gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites
  • Societas Mariae Montfortana (or Saint Montfort Missionaries), an order founded by Louis de Montfort (1673–1716)
  • Soft Magnetic Materials Conference, an international conference devoted to all kinds of soft magnetic materials
  • Surface Micro Machining
  • Solar Maximum Mission, satellite (or SolarMax) was designed to investigate solar phenomena, particularly solar flares. It was launched on February 14, 1980
  • St. Mary Magdalene, a church in Toronto, Canada
  • Standard Method of Measurement
  • Storage Modification Machine, an atomistic abstract computational machine model akin to the Random access machine
  • System Management Mode, an operating mode where special separate software is executed in high-privilege mode
  • Sendi Mutiara Multimedia

smm may refer to:

  • Musasa language ISO 639-3 code
  • Shanghai Metals Market, a leading metals information provider in China

Other articles related to "smm":

Soft Magnetic Materials Conference - Dates and Locations
21st SMM, 2013 1-4 September 2013 - Budapest, Hungary 20th SMM, 2011 18-22 September 2011 - Athens, Greece 19th SMM, 7-9 September 2009 - Torino, Italy 18th SMM, 1-3 September 2007 - Cardiff, United ...
Scattering-matrix Method - Principles
... SMM can, for example, use cylinders to model dielectric/metal objects in the domain ... point in the domain By assuming series solutions for the total field, the SMM method transforms the domain into a cylindrical problem ... SMM method formulation, finally helps compute these coefficients of the cylindrical harmonic functions within the cylinder and outside it, at the same time satisfying EM boundary conditions ...
Soft Magnetic Materials Conference - Format and Purpose
... The SMM is held for three days, every two years, often at the beginning of September in a European country ... Each time the SMM has a different logo ... In the past the SMM proceedings have also been published in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics or other peer reviewed journals ...
System Management Mode
... System Management Mode (SMM) is an operating mode in which all normal execution (including the operating system) is suspended, and special separate software (usually firmware or a hardware-assi ... special SL versions were required for SMM, Intel incorporated SMM in its mainline 486 and Pentium processors in 1993 ... AMD copied Intel's SMM with the Enhanced Am486 processors in 1994 ...