Small Subspecies

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European Badger - Origin - Subspecies
... As of 2005, eight subspecies are recognised ... Subspecies Trinomial authority Description Range Synonyms Common badger Meles meles meles Linnaeus, 1758 A large subspecies with a strongly developed sagittal crest, it has a ... Crete Trans-Caucasian badger Meles meles canascens Blanford, 1875 A small subspecies with a dirty-greyish back with brown highlights, its head is ...
Red Fox - Evolution - Subspecies
... As of 2005, 45 subspecies are recognised ... In 2010, another possible distinct subspecies was discovered in Sacramento Valley through mitochondrial haplotype studies ... Substantial gene pool mixing between different subspecies is known British red foxes have crossbred extensively with foxes imported from Germany, France, Belgium, Sardinia, and possibly Siberia and ...

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