Sláine: The Role Playing Game of Celtic Heroes - Playable Races

Playable Races

  • Dwarves: but more like the comical dwarves of folklore than the Tolkien image that now abounds
  • Humans
  • Warped Ones: humans with blood of the ancient beast folk whose bodies contain more Earth power than most.
  • Sons Of Cymidu: Magical offspring of women of the Fir Domain. Gestated in six weeks, they are born fully armed and armoured.
  • Formorians: Amphibian Demons from the northern land of Lochlann who feed on human emotions
  • Cythrons: Ancient beings imprisoned in the earth, who are using the power generated by human suffering to escape
  • Half-Cythrons: Rare cross breeds of cythrons & humans
  • Avancs: Telepathic sentient apes, moon worshippers.
  • Half-Titans: Strong but moronic cross-breeds with the old owners of the fir domain.
  • Titan Dwarves: As the humans have dwarves, so the titans had theirs, the only race capable of imbuing items with magic powers.

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