SL may refer to:

  • Sensei's Library, an internet website and wiki dedicated to the ancient game of Go
  • Sensu lato, a term used in taxonomy to mean "in the wider sense" of a definition
  • Serjeant-at-law, an obsolete legal position in the United Kingdom
  • Signed Log, a term found often in Geocaching log entries
  • Sine loco, a term used in bibliographies to indicate that the place of publication of a document is unknown
  • Sonoluminescence, the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound
  • Sophrolaelia, an orchid genus
  • Special linear group, a term used in mathematics, denoted SLn
  • Sine lemniscate function in mathematics
  • Standard length, a commonly used measurement for fish: the length from tip of the snout to the posterior end of the last vertebra

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... In mathematics, the special linear group SL(2,R) or SL2(R) is the group of all real 2 × 2 matrices with determinant one It is a simple real Lie group ... SL(2,R) acts on the complex upper half-plane by fractional linear transformations ... More specifically, PSL(2,R) = SL(2,R)/{±I}, where I denotes the 2 × 2 identity matrix ...
SL - Organizations
... Sendero Luminoso, the "Shining Path" Maoist guerrilla movement SL Corporation, a Korean auto parts company People's Party (Stronnictwo Ludowe), a defunct Polish political party ...
SL2(R) - Classification of Elements - Parabolic Elements
... In fact, they are all conjugate (in SL(2)) to one of the four matrices, (in GL(2) or SL±(2), the ± can be omitted, but in SL(2) it cannot) ...
Magnar Sortåsløkken
... Magnar Sortåsløkken (born 1 August 1947 in Ringsaker) is a Norwegian politician for the Socialist Left Party ... Sortåsløkken was a member of Ringsaker municipality council in 1975–1979, and a member of its executive committee in 1983–1985 ...
Mercedes-Benz R231 - Initial Release - Engines
... Model Years Type/code Power@rpm, Torque@rpm SL 350 BlueEFFICIENCY 2012- 3,498 cc (213.5 cu in) V6 (M 276 DE 35) 306 PS (225 kW 302 hp)@6500, 370 N·m (273 lbf·ft)@3500-5250 SL 500 ...