Skolt Sami Language

Skolt Sami Language

Skolt Sami (sääˊmǩiõll) is a Uralic, Sami language spoken by approximately 400 speakers in Finland, mainly in Sevettijärvi, and approximately 20–30 speakers of the Njuõˊttjäuˊrr (Notozero) dialect in an area surrounding Lake Lovozero in Russia. Skolt Sami used to also be spoken on the Neiden area of Norway, although it has died out there. It is written using a Roman orthography that was made official in 1973.

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Laila Stien
... Her literary works often contain elements from Northern Norway and Sami culture ... Stien has translated books from Sami language into Norwegian, and has edited anthologies on modern Sami literature ...
Skolt Sami Language - Grammar - Verbs - Negative Verb
... Skolt Sami, like Finnish, the other Sámi languages and Estonian, has a negative verb ... In Skolt Sami, the negative verb conjugates according to mood (indicative, imperative and optative), person (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) and number (singular, dual and plural) ... Unlike the other Sami languages, Skolt Sami no longer has separate forms for the dual and plural of the negative verb and uses the plural forms for both instead ...
Lars Nilsson (shaman) - Background
... the church and state sent a couple of Christian Sami to investigate a case of suspicious sorcery of the Sami Lars Nilsson ... drumming on his knees in front of the wooden icons of the Sami gods outside his tent for his grandson, who the same day had drowned in a well, in the purpose of giving him his ... The Christian Sami had told him to stop with his "Devilish" activity and took the drum away from him with force ...
Sami, Burkina Faso
... Sami is a village in the Sami Department of Banwa Province in western Burkina Faso ... As of 2005 it had a population of 340 ...
Lars Nilsson (shaman)
... Lars Nilsson (died 1693) was a Sami who was burned at the stake for being a follower of the old Sami religion in Arjeplog in Sweden during the time of the Christianization of the Sami ...

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