SIFT may refer to:

  • Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, a public university in Shanghai, China
  • Scale-invariant feature transform, an algorithm in computer vision to detect and describe local features in images
  • Selected ion flow tube, used for mass spectrometry
  • Summer Institute for Future Teachers, a residential summer program at Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Summary of Information on Film and Television (SIFT) database of British Film Institute National Library

Other articles related to "sift":

Scale-invariant Feature Transform - Applications - 3D SIFT-like Descriptors For Human Action Recognition
... Extensions of the SIFT descriptor to 2+1-dimensional spatio-temporal data in context of human action recognition in video sequences have been studied ... The computation of local position-dependent histograms in the 2D SIFT algorithm are extended from two to three dimensions to describe SIFT features in a spatio-temporal domain ... points are then described using the 3D SIFT descriptor ...
Scale-invariant Feature Transform - Comparison of SIFT Features With Other Local Features
... of different local descriptors, including SIFT, using a range of detectors ... The main results are summarized below SIFT and SIFT-like GLOH features exhibit the highest matching accuracies (recall rates) for an affine transformation of 50 degrees ... PCA-SIFT (Principal Components Analysis applied to SIFT descriptors), GLOH and SIFT features give the highest values ...
Selected-ion Flow-tube Mass Spectrometry
... Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry, SIFT-MS, is a quantitative mass spectrometry technique for trace gas analysis which involves the chemical ionization of trace volatile compounds by selected ... The detection limit of commercially available SIFT-MS instruments extends to the single digit pptv range ... The instrument is an extension of the selected ion flow tube, SIFT, technique, which was first described in 1976 by Adams and Smith ...
Bag Of Words Model In Computer Vision - Representation Based On The BoW Model - Image Representation Based On The BoW Model - Feature Representation
... descriptors is Scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) ... SIFT converts each patch to 128-dimensional vector ... collection of vectors of the same dimension (128 for SIFT), where the order of different vectors is of no importance ...