Shinra may refer to:

  • Shinra Electric Power Company, a fictional company in Final Fantasy VII
  • Rufus Shinra, a character in Final Fantasy VII
  • Shinra, a minor character in Final Fantasy X-2
  • Shinra, a character in Ikaruga
  • A transliteration of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea

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Characters Of The Final Fantasy VII Series - Major Characters - Rufus Shinra
... Rufus Shinra (ルーファウス神羅, Rūfausu Shinra?) is the former Vice President of Shinra, who is promoted to President after his father is killed by Sephiroth ... as callous, cunning and ruthless during much of Final Fantasy VII, where his views on how Shinra should rule over the world — through fear and intimidation ... He later leads Shinra's efforts to find the Promised Land, as well as Shinra's military in battling the WEAPONs ...
Characters Of The Final Fantasy VII Series - Final Fantasy VII Characters - Heidegger
... Haideggā?) was the head of Shinra's "Department of Public Relations and Public Safety Maintenance", a euphemism for Shinra's military and SOLDIER ... of Rufus, he attempted to assume control of Shinra, but died before he could consolidate his power, killed by Cloud and his allies ... charge of the Turks, until Veld blackmails President Shinra into reinstating him as the leader ...
List Of Nabari No Ou Characters - Other Characters - Shinra Banshou
... The Shinra Banshou (森羅万象, Shinrabanshō?, lit ... As the true form of the Shinra Banshou, she exists within Miharu, and constantly attempts to entice him into drawing from her powers, believing it is inevitable ...
Last Order: Final Fantasy VII - Background
... The megacorporation Shinra eventually rises to power and begins extracting the Lifestream through Mako reactors, killing the Planet ... Shinra uses the Mako as an energy source and to manipulate the strength and abilities of their paramilitary organization, SOLDIER ... While there, Sephiroth spends most of his time reading in the Shinra Mansion, which had previously been used by the Shinra scientist Hojo to conduct experiments ...