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Shilling (British Coin) - History - 1816 To 1967
... to coin one troy pound (weighing 5760 grains) of standard (0.925 fine) silver into 66 shillings, or its equivalent in other denominations ... This effectively set the weight of the shilling, and its subsequent decimal replacement 5 new pence coin, at 87.2727 grains (or 5.655 grams) with a diameter of 24 mm ... The shilling coin issued in most of the 20th century was virtually identical in size and weight to the German 1 Deutsche Mark coin (sufficiently similar to be interchangeable in coin-operated machines) ...
Shilling (British Coin) - History - 1706 To 1816
... Shillings were minted in every monarch's reign ... During the early part of the reign of George III, very few shillings (like other silver coins) were struck, although there was a large issue in 1787 ... to a consortium of London bankers into shillings of 1798, which were subsequently declared illegal, reclaimed and melted down ...
Pewter Money
... The first "large" issue consisted of sixpences, shillings and half crowns (2½ shillings) ... The second, "small" issue consisted of shillings, halfcrowns and crowns (5 shillings) ... Some of the second issue were overstruck on large issue pieces, with shillings struck over sixpences, half crowns on shillings and crowns on half crowns ...
Sutton Scarsdale - Early History
... one plough, There is a mill rendering two shillings and eight acres of meadow ... TRE worth forty shillings now twenty shillings ...
Skerton - History - 1066 To 1297
... this time, the ancient assize rent of the vill for ten Oxgangs of land in bondage was seven Shillings and Sixpence, (7s 6d) ... By 1200, this had increased considerably to forty-two Shillings and nine Pence, (42s 9d), or, more accurately, (£2 2s 9d) ... allowance was made for the want of Plough teams between 1200 and 1202, at the rate of six Shillings and eight Pence, (6s 8d), per team ...

Famous quotes containing the word shillings:

    “Write that down,” the King said to the jury, and the jury eagerly wrote down all three dates on their slates, and then added them up, and reduced the answer to shillings and pence.
    Lewis Carroll [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson] (1832–1898)

    In your Salvation shelter I saw poverty, misery, cold and hunger. You gave them bread and treacle and dreams of heaven. I give from thirty shillings a week to twelve thousand a year. They find their own dreams; but I look after the drainage.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)