Shahzada may refer to:

  • Shahzada, princely title, crown prince, the son of a shah.
  • Haji Shahzada (Guantanamo detainee 952), one of the Guantanamo captives whose 2004 CSR Tribunal determined he was not an enemy after all.
  • Mullah Shahzada (Taliban commander), Taliban commander, reported to have talked his way out of Guantanamo in May 2003, only to return to the battlefield.
  • Shahzada (horse race), an annual endurance race held in Australia.

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Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Saddozai - Family Tree
... Born 1769–1803 Reign 1801–1803, 1809–1818 Shahzada Kamran Durrani 1789–1840 Shahzada Bismillah Durrani 1810–1873 Shahzada Rasheed Khan Durrani 1832–1880 ...
Ghulam Muhammad Sultan Sahib - The Succession As Chief Representative of The Family of Tipu Sultan and Royal Family
... Shahzada Ahmad Halim-us-Zaman Sahib (1812-12 November 1894), fourth son of Sir Ghulam Muhammad ... Shahzada Muhammad Bakhtiar Shah, CIE (19 January 1864-2 January 1913) ... grandnephew of Sir Ghulam Muhammad by his elder half-brother Shahzada Munir-ud-din Sultan Sahib ...
Nasrullah Khan (Afghanistan) - Visit To England
... On May 23 the Shahzada landed at Portsmouth in England ... On 27 May 1895 the Shahzada was received by the Queen at Windsor ... At the time of his visit, the Shahzada was 20 years of age ...
Shah Family - Shahzada
... Shahzada (Persian شاهزاده Šāhzāde) ... shah (or a more lofty derived ruler style), a prince of the blood was logically called shahzada as the term is derived from shah using the Persian patronymic suffix -zāde or -zāda, "son, descendant" ... Thus, in Oudh, only sons of the sovereign shah bahadur (see above) were by birth-right styled "Shahzada Mirza Bahadur", though this style could also be extended to ...