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Space Applications

  • Scout (rocket family)
  • Mars Scout Program

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Liquid Cooling And Ventilation Garment - Space Applications
... In an independent space suit, the heat is ultimately transferred to a thin sheet of ice (formed by a separate feed water source) ... Due to the extremely low pressure in space, the heated ice sublimates directly to water vapor, which is then vented away from the suit ... In a dependent space suit (such as the ones used in the Gemini program or within lunar orbit on the Apollo program), the heat is carried back to a host spacecraft through an umbilical connection, where it is ...
Sodium–sulfur Battery - Applications - Space Applications
... Because of its high energy density, the NaS battery has been proposed for space applications ... Sodium sulfur cells can be made space-qualified in fact a test sodium sulfur cell was flown on the Space Shuttle to demonstrate operation in space ...

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