Sales Process

In business science a sales process describes an approach to selling a product or service. The sales process has been approached from the point of view of an engineering discipline (see sales process engineering).

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Sales Process - Rational
... Reasons for having a well thought-out sales process include seller and buyer risk management, standardized customer interaction in sales, and scalable revenue generation ... An advantage of approaching the subject of sales from a "process point of view" is that it offers the opportunity to use design and improvement tools from other ... reason our familiar principles of quality and process engineering would not work in the sales process" ...
Sales Agents
... Agents in the sales process can represent either of two parties in the sales process for example Sales broker, Seller agency, seller agent, seller representative This is a traditional role where the ... Sales outsourcing involves direct branded representation where the sales representatives are recruited, hired, and managed by an external entity but hold ... It is akin to a virtual extension of a sales force (see sales outsourcing) ...
Origins of Solution Selling
... Frank Watts developed the sales process dubbed "solution selling" in 1975 ... He presented his sales process as a one-day workshop to Xerox Corporation in 1982 ... In a 1984 account Dick Heiser could look back to IBM's pre-1975 "solution sale" methodology ...
Sales Process Engineering
... Sales process engineering is the engineering of better sales processes ... scientific and mathematical principles to achieve the practical goals of a particular sales process" ... Selden pointed out that in this context, sales referred to the output of a process involving a variety of functions across an organization, and not that of a "sales department" alone ...

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