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Llama Firearms - Model Listing - Self-Loading Pistols
... Self-loading pistol, hammerless, frame mounted safety, manufactured in 6.35 mm/.25 ACP, six-round fixed magazine with sliding cover ... pistol, copy of the FN Model 1903, hammerless, frame mounted safety, manufactured in 7.65 mm/.32 ACP, nine-round removable magazine ... Self-loading pistol, copy of the FN Model 1903, hammerless, frame mounted safety, manufactured in 7.65 mm/.32 ACP with 22-round double-column removable magazine ...
Beretta 90two - Variants - Operation
... action (DA/SA) pistol with a manual safety that also serves as a hammer decocking lever ... Pushing the slide mounted safety lever down returns the hammer to its "down" position and also disconnects the trigger so that the pistol cannot be fired until the safety lever is pushed ... There is also a half-cock safety notch ...
Baby Browning - History
... The M1905/M1906 Vest Pocket pistol incorporated a grip safety mechanism that constituted the entire rear section of the grip ... This particular safety mechanism required a significant amount of hand palm pressure to disengage and allow the trigger to release the striker to fire the pistol ... identical pocket pistol, the Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket, which incorporated a small safety lever on the left side of the receiver which locked the trigger ...
Improvised Explosive Device - History - Vietnam
... A hand grenade with the safety pin removed and safety lever compressed was placed into a container such as a tin can, with a length of string or tripwire attached to the grenade ... by a person or vehicle placing tension on the string, the spring-loaded safety lever would release and the grenade would explode ... make this device, a Viet Cong guerrilla would wrap a strong rubber band around the spring-loaded safety lever of a hand grenade and remove the pin ...

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    There is an inner world; and a spiritual faculty of discerning it with absolute clearness, nay, with the most minute and brilliant distinctness. But it is part of our earthly lot that it is the outer world, in which we are encased, which is the lever that brings that spiritual faculty into play.
    —E.T.A.W. (Ernst Theodor Amadeus Wilhelm)

    I nightly offer up my prayers to the throne of grace for the health and safety of you all, and that we ought all to rely with confidence on the promises of our dear redeemer, and give him our hearts. This is all he requires and all that we can do, and if we sincerely do this, we are sure of salvation through his atonement.
    Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)