Sabalana Islands

The Sabalana Islands (Kepulauan Sabalana) are an Atoll in the Flores Sea in Indonesia, lying just north of the Lesser Sunda Islands, closer to Sumbawa than Sulawesi. They are west of Tanahjampea Island and northeast of the Tengah Islands (Central Islands). Administratively, the atoll belongs to the province of South Sulawesi. The total area, including the large lagoon, is 2694 km², making Sabalana one of the largest atolls by total area. The land area of the largest individual island, Pulau Sabalana, measures about 7 km², followed by Pulau Banawaja with 3 km² and Pulau Sabaru with 1.4 km².

The individual islets are listed, clockwise from the northernmost to the southernmost (the western rim of the atoll is free of islets):

  1. Pulau Djailamu
  2. Pulau Sabaru
  3. Pulau Balobaloang-besar
  4. Pulau Balobaloang-ketjil
  5. Pulau Sumanga
  6. Pulau Makaranangang
  7. Pulau Laija
  8. Pulau Sanane-ketjil
  9. Pulau Sanane-besar
  10. Pulau Sabalana
  11. Pulau Banawaja (easternmost)
  12. Pulau Pamolikang
  13. Pulau Santigiang
  14. Pulau Soroabu
  15. Pulau Meong
  16. Pulau Matalang
  17. Pulau Balalohong
  18. Pulau Manukang
  19. Pulau Sadulangang
  20. Pulau Sarege

Coordinates: 6°45′S 118°50′E / 6.750°S 118.833°E / -6.750; 118.833

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