Run-off or runoff may refer to:

  • Surface runoff, the flow of water, from rain, snow melt, or other sources, over land
    • Runoff model (reservoir), a mathematical model describing the rainfall-runoff relations of a rainfall catchment area or watershed
    • Runoff curve number, an empirical parameter used in hydrology
  • Runoff voting or Two-round system, a voting system used to elect a single winner, whereby only two candidates from the first round continue to the second round
  • Instant-runoff voting, an electoral system in which voters rank the candidates in order of preference
  • RUNOFF, the first computer text formatting program, running on the CTSS operating system
  • Runoff (program), the type-setting program on the Multics operating system
  • Run-off area, an area on a racetrack for racer safety
  • Bleed (printing), printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet after trimming

Other articles related to "runoff":

California Building Industry Association - Press
... developments, and some redevelopment projects to prevent stormwater runoff from reaching the ocean ... the negative effects of urbanization by controlling runoff at its source with small, cost-effective natural systems instead of treatment facilities ... Reducing runoff improves water quality and recharges groundwater...Under the ordinance, builders would be required to use rainwater storage tanks, permeable pavement, infiltration swales or curb bump-outs to manage ...
... In hydrology, snowmelt is surface runoff produced from melting snow ... It can also be used to describe the period or season during which such runoff is produced ... cases contributing high fractions of the annual runoff in a watershed ...
Muddy Flood - Control Measures
... Preventive measures consist in limiting runoff generation and sediment production at the source ... reduced tillage) to increase runoff infiltration and limit erosion in their fields may assist ... They act as a buffer within landscape, retaining runoff temporarily and trapping sediments ...