Rob-B-Hood (traditional Chinese: 寶貝計劃; simplified Chinese: 宝贝计划; pinyin: bǎobèi jìhuà; Cantonese Yale: Bō Bui Gai Wak, also known as Robin-B-Hood) is a 2006 Hong Kong action comedy film written, produced, and directed by Benny Chan, and starring Jackie Chan, Louis Koo and Michael Hui. The film was produced with a budget of HK$130 million (US$16,8 million) and filmed between December 2005 and January 2006. Rob-B-Hood is the first film in over 30 years in which Jackie Chan plays a negative character.

Rob-B-Hood tells the story of a kidnapping gone wrong in Hong Kong; a gang of burglars consisting of Thongs, Octopus and the Landlord kidnap a baby from a wealthy family on behalf of triads. With the Landlord arrested, Thongs and Octopus take care of the baby for a short time, developing strong bonds with him. Reluctant to hand the baby over, the two are forced to protect him from the triads who hired them in the first place.

Rob-B-Hood was released in Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia on 29 September 2006 based in Hong Kong to generally positive reviews. The film topped the Chinese box office in October 2006 and despite not being given a release in most European and North American countries, it grossed over US$20 million worldwide.

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