Riverview Corridor

The Riverview Corridor is a transit corridor connecting downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota and the Mall of America in Bloomington via the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. The corridor serves an area from the Saint Paul Union Depot to the Mall via parts of the Central Corridor and the Hiawatha Line, and a route running parallel to West 7th Street, which runs southwest from Downtown Saint Paul. The corridor creates a triangle connecting opposite ends of the Hiawatha Line and Central Corridor.

While several different proposals were discussed, the most discussed was a Bus Rapid Transit line rather than Light rail. Extensive study of the corridor found that limited right-of-way, local opposition, low ridership projections, and high costs limited the potential within the corridor. An Environmental Impact Statement was started on the project in 2002 but never completed. The busway project has been canceled due to a lack of funding from the legislature.

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