Rim may refer to:

  • Rim (coin), the sharp circular (or otherwise shaped) edge which surrounds the coin design
  • Rim (craters), the part of a crater that extends above the height of the local surface
  • Rim (firearms), a projection machined into the bottom of a firearms cartridge
  • Rim (novel), by Alexander Besher
  • Rim (wheel), the outer part of a wheel on which the tire is mounted.
  • Rim (basketball), part of equipment for basketball
    • Breakaway rim, a specialized rim capable of sustaining forceful dunks
  • Rim, Nepal

RIM may stand for:

  • Royal Indian Marine, the name of the British colonial navy of India from 1892 to 1934.
  • Research In Motion, the Canadian wireless-device company known for its BlackBerry-brand handheld devices
  • Recording Industry Association of Malaysia
  • Red Island Minerals, Western Australia-based coal development company
  • Responsible information management
  • Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, an international Maoist organization
  • Reaction injection molding, a type of processing for network polymers
  • Remote Integrated Multiplexer, a term for digital loop carrier in Australia
  • Remote Infrastructure Management, a 2nd/3rd line computer support team
  • Reference Information Model, a specification created by HL7
  • Reb Itche Meir (Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Alter), the first Gerrer Rebbe
  • The US Military designation for a ship-launched, intercept guided missile. Examples include the RIM-66 Standard missile and the RIM-7 Sea Sparrow.

Other articles related to "rim":

Tire Code - Tractor Tires
... numbers W-D or H/W-D where 'W' is the width of the tire in inches, D is the diameter of the rim in inches and H (if provided) is the percentage height of the tire ... Hence, 5.00-15 is a tire that will fit a 15-inch-diameter (380 mm) rim and is 5 in (130 mm) wide but of indeterminate height. 25/5-16 is a tire that has a 5 in (130 mm) width, fits a 16-inch-diameter (410 mm) rim and whose height is approximately 25 in (640 mm) ...
List Of Naval Weapon Systems - R
... II SSM RGM-59 Taurus SSM RGM-165 LASM SSM RGM-84 Harpoon SSM RIM-2 Terrier SAM RIM-7 Sea Sparrow PDMS RIM-8 Talos RIM-24 Tartar SAM RIM-50 Typhon LR SAM RIM-55 Typhon MR SAM RIM-66 SM-1MR ...
Langley (crater)
... located in the gap between the crater Galvani, which lies across the southeastern rim, and Volta along the northeastern rim ... The rim of Langley has been heavily damaged by nearby impacts, and the result is an irregular perimeter that has been reshaped and heavily eroded ... having overlaid that section of the rim ...
Saussure (crater)
... Just to the north and nearly attached to the rim is the larger crater Orontius ... The outer rim of Saussure is worn but relatively intact, with only the southern edge being somewhat disrupted ... A small impact lies across the northeastern rim and a pair of craterlets along the western edge ...

Famous quotes containing the word rim:

    Pushkin’s composition is first of all and above all a phenomenon of style, and it is from this flowered rim that I have surveyed its seep of Arcadian country, the serpentine gleam of its imported brooks, the miniature blizzards imprisoned in round crystal, and the many-hued levels of literary parody blending in the melting distance.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)