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List Of Soviet Armies - List of Soviet Armies From 1930 - Tank and Mechanised Armies
... Tank Corps, 11th Guards Tank Brigade, and 60th, 112th, and 194th Rifle Divisions ... almost all those years it included the 8th Guards, 29th and also the 193rd (formerly the 193rd Rifle Division) Tank Divisions ... Toward the end of the 1980s it retained three Guards Tank Divisions - the 17th, 42nd (the former 42nd Rifle Division) and the 75th (formerly the 75th Rifle Division) ...
List Of Infantry Divisions Of The Soviet Union 1917–1957 - People's Militia - Leningrad People's Miltia
... People's Militia divisions, listed in the order of creation, were hastily created in mid-1941 as the German advance neared Leningrad ... they were designated дивизия народного ополчения – Narodnoe Opolcheniye Division – or ... On 23 September 1941 all the divisions of the Leningrad Narodnoe Opolcheniye Army divisions were used to form Red Army units mostly within the Leningrad Front ...
Leningrad Military District - History
7th Army, the 14th Army, the 23rd Army, the 1st Mechanised Corps (-), 177th Rifle Division, 191st Rifle Division, 8th Rifle Division, the 21st, 22nd, 25th, 29th Fortified Regions, Air ...
List Of Infantry Divisions Of The Soviet Union 1917–1957 - Rifle Divisions List - 421 - 440 Divisions
... 421st Rifle Division—established at Simferopol 10.41, fought at Sevastopol 12.41 and inactivated 2.42. 422nd Rifle Division—established December 1941 in the Volga Military District, and on 25 Dec ... Became 81st Guards Rifle Division 3.43 ...
Western Rifle Division
... Western Rifle Division (Polish Zachodnia Dywizja Strzelców) was one of the Bolsheviks military formations during the Russian Civil War ... The division was created on the basis of a Polish communist regiment, the Red Regiment of Revolutionary Warsaw (Czerwony Pułk Rewolucyjnej Warszawy) and in the beginning it was mostly ... and lost its Polish character it was then (9 June) renamed to 52nd Rifle Division of the Red Army ...

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