RHF is a three-letter abbreviation that may refer to:

  • Regional Health Authority or Regionalt helseforetak, of Norway
  • Residence Hall Federation at Virginia Tech
  • Royal Highland Fusiliers
  • Right heart failure or Right-sided heart failure
  • RHF Productions, owners of brand Red Hot TV (UK)
  • Randomized Hough Transform
  • Restricted Hartree-Fock

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Campus Of Virginia Tech - Residence Halls - Residence Hall Federation
... The Residence Hall Federation (RHF) is a University Chartered Student Organization ... The RHF is composed of 23 hall councils, representing the residents of each hall, and three community councils, which represent two or more halls that ... $400 if there are fewer than 400 residents) from the Student Programs office and from the RHF budget ...
List Of Government Enterprises Of Norway - Wholly Owned
... Bjørnøen AS 4 Trade and Industry Real estate Central Norway Regional Health Authority RHF — Health and Care Services Healthcare Eksportutvalget For Fisk AS ...
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... Rhodium belongs to group 9 of the periodic table but has an atypical configuration in its outermost electron shells compared to the rest of the members ... This can also be observed in the neighborhood of niobium (41), ruthenium (44), and palladium (46) ...
Tieto Enator - History - Tieto Norway - Lawsuit Claims in Norway 2007
... Health Authority, Norwegian Helse Vest RHF, signed an agreement with TietoEnator Norway for the delivery of a system for Electronic health records ... By end of 2007 it was announced that Helse Vest RHF concluded its customer relationship with the company and announced a lawsuit against TietoEnator ... - The word disaster is appropriate, Eric Hansen of Helse Vest RHF, expressed to Finansavisen ...