Regulatory Reform

Regulatory Reform concerns improvements to the quality of government regulation.

At the international level, the "OECD Regulatory Reform Programme is aimed at helping governments improve regulatory quality -- that is, reforming regulations that raise unnecessary obstacles to competition, innovation and growth, while ensuring that regulations efficiently serve important social objectives."

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List Of Regulatory Reform Orders
... This is a list of regulatory reform orders which are United Kingdom secondary legislation made under powers granted by the Regulatory Reform Act 2001 ... Regulatory Reform (Special Occasions Licensing) Order 2001 S.I. 2001/3937 Regulatory Reform (Voluntary Aided Schools Liabilities and Funding) (England) Order 2002 S.I ...
Delegated Powers And Regulatory Reform Select Committee - Working Practices
... Since the passage of the Regulatory Reform Act 2001, the remit of the committee, and its name, have been extended ... It is now the select committee on delegated powers and regulatory reform ... In the case of Regulatory Reform Orders they do not examine the policy proposed, but whether the statutory tests of the 2001 Act have been met, particularly whether the orders actually ...
Legislative And Regulatory Reform Act 2006 - The Bill For This Act - Part 1: Power To Reform Legislation - Criticism
... for some time" by the House of Commons Select Committee on Regulatory Reform while supporting the move to cut "red tape", the Committee asked for extra safeguards to avoid potential "abuse" of the powers in ... sack judges rewrite the law on nationality and immigration and "reform" the Magna Carta, saying that "It would, in short, create a major shift of powers within the State, which in other countries would require ... in June 2006 that analysed the last nine years of legal reform attacked the Prime Minister and his Government, claiming that the numerous changes and laws passed since it ...
Statutory Instrument (UK) - Parliamentary Control Over Statutory Instruments - Regulatory Reform Orders
... The Regulatory Reform Act 2001 enables the Government to make an Order to change Acts of Parliament so as to remove burdens on business or others, so long as it can be done without removing ‘necessar ... Examples of the use of Regulatory Reform Orders have included The Regulatory Reform (Sunday Trading) Order 2004 (SI 2004/470) which repealed section 26 of ... The 2001 Act was repealed and replaced by the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006, which created significantly wider powers and has been the subject of considerable concern ...

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