Coordinates: 4°18′42″N 52°08′13″W / 4.3116°N 52.137°W / 4.3116; -52.137

Régina is a commune of French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America. With a land area of 12,130 km2 (4,680 sq mi), it is the second-largest commune of France.

Régina lies on the Approuague River. In former times it was a gold mining centre. The Les Nourages Nature Reserve is located near the town.

Following the construction of a bridge over the Approuague River in 2003, an asphalted road from Régina to Saint-Georges de l'Oyapock (a town by the Brazilian border) was opened in 2004, completing the road from Cayenne (the préfecture and largest city of French Guiana) to the Brazilian border. It is now possible to drive on a fully paved road from Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni on the Surinamese border to Saint-Georges de l'Oyapock on the Brazilian border.

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