Democrat may refer to:

  • A proponent of democracy
  • A member of a Democratic Party (disambiguation)
  • A member of a Democrat Party (disambiguation)

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Democrat Party (Thailand)
... The Democrat Party (Thai พรรคประชาธิปัตย์, Phak Prachathipat) is a Thai political party ... The Democrat Party won the most seats in parliament in 1948, 1976, and 1992 - however, it has never won an outright parliamentary majority ... Since 2004, Democrat candidates won three elections for the governorship of Bangkok ...
List Of Mayors Of Milwaukee
... This is a list of mayors of Milwaukee, Wisconsin From To Mayor Party 1846 Solomon Juneau Democrat 1847 Horatio N ... Wells Democrat 1848 Byron Kilbourn (1st term) Democrat 1850 ... Don A ... Upham Democrat 1851 George H ...
Democrat Party (Thailand) - History - The Democrat Party in The 1990s
... The Democrat Party became an outspoken opponent of military rule in Thai politics during the 1990s ... The Democrat Party was the key member of the "People Power" movement in 1992 ...
Fulbright Hearings - Committee Members
... William Fulbright (Democrat — Arkansas) Claiborne Pell (Democrat — Rhode Island) Stuart Symington (Democrat — Missouri) John Sparkman (Democrat — Alabama) Mike Mansfield (Democrat ... McGee (Democrat — Wyoming) Edmund S ... Muskie (Democrat — Maine) William B ...

Famous quotes containing the word democrat:

    The democrat is a young conservative; the conservative is an old democrat. The aristocrat is the democrat ripe, and gone to seed,—because both parties stand on the one ground of the supreme value of property, which one endeavors to get, and the other to keep.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The difference between a Republican and a Democrat is the Democrat is a cannibal—they have to live off each other—while the Republicans, why, they live off the Democrats.
    Will Rogers (1879–1935)

    The seasick passenger on an ocean liner detests the good sailor who stalks past him 265 times a day grandly smoking a large, greasy cigar. In precisely the same way the democrat hates the man who is having a better time in the world. This is the origin of democracy. It is also the origin of Puritanism.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)