A reel is an object around which lengths of another material (usually long and flexible) are wound for storage. Generally a reel has a cylindrical core and walls on the sides to retain the material wound around the core. In some cases the core is hollow, although other items may be mounted on it, and grips may exist for mechanically turning the reel.

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Bead And Reel
... "Bead and reel" is an architectural motif, usually found in sculptures, moldings and numismatics ... Bead and reel motifs can be found abundantly in Greek and Hellenistic sculpture, on the border of Hellenistic coins ... In India, bead and reel motifs are found extensively, starting from the time of the Mauryan Empire, where they appears at the base of the capital of several of the Pillars of Ashoka ...
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... Sullivan's (The A Polkas)" (Traditional) – 413 "The Manx Lullaby" (Traditional) – 332 "Scully's Reel - Mrs McLeod's - Cooley's Reel" (Traditional) – 337 "Lake ...
Demo Reels
... A "demo reel", or "show reel", is the motion picture, video, musical or voice-over announcement equivalent of an artist's portfolio ... The demo reel is frequently submitted with a résumé to a prospective employer ... When a reel contains scenes from actual productions, a shot list or credit list may also be submitted to describe the artist's specific involvement in each ...
Cable Reel
... A cable reel is a round, drum-shaped object such as a spool used to carry various types of electrical wires ... Cable reel which can also be termed as drums have been used for many years to transport electric cables, fiber optic cables and wire products ... Cable reels usually come in four different types, each with their own uses wood, plywood, plastic and steel ...
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... release in 1977 with the following BBFC cuts Reel 3 - Shot of woman astride a man to massage him in which her vulva is visible from behind was removed ... Reel 4 - Cabaret dancer's act was considerably reduced to remove initial writhing and caressing of her groin over G-string, her writhing alone in 'riding' copulatory movement, the CU of her ... Reel 9 - In the copulation scene at the beginning of the reel (before Rodney and Christine's eating sex scene), all shots of his buttocks thrusting between her legs ...

Famous quotes containing the word reel:

    When her guests were awash with champagne and with gin,
    She was recklessly sober, as sharp as a pin.
    An abstemious man would reel at her look,
    As she rolled a bright eye and praised his last book.
    William Plomer (1903–1973)