• (adj): Mentioned as worthy of acceptance.
    Example: "The recommended medicine"
    Synonyms: suggested

Some articles on recommended:

List Of Dwarf Planet Candidates - Probable Per Tancredi
0 1500 accepted Haumea 0.5 1150 accepted Sedna 1.8 1600 accepted (and recommended) Orcus 2.5 946 accepted (and recommended) Quaoar 2.6 908 accepted (and recommended ...
Meller's Chameleon - Captivity
... captivity as long as specific requirements are met and are recommended for advanced hobbyists ... As they are large lizards, a large enclosure is recommended ... environment, a night time temperature of the low 60s Fahrenheit (~16°C) is recommended as well ...
Seratrodast - Dosage and Administration - Recommended Dosage
... The average recommended dose of Seratrodast is 80mg once daily ... In elderly patients it is recommended that the treatment should be started with a lower dose of 40mg/day ...
Recommended Maximum Intake Of Alcoholic Beverages
... This article summarizes the recommended maximum intake (or 'safe limits') of the drug alcohol, to be specific ethanol, as recommended by the health agencies of various governments ...
Clinical Descriptions Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Testing
... The following routine tests are recommended Complete blood count Blood chemistry (electrolytes, glucose, renal function, liver enzymes, and protein levels) ... and glucose The 2007 NICE guideline includes, in addition to panel recommended by the CDC, tests for C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation), creatine kinase (a muscle-related ... HIV, mononucleosis, toxoplasmosis or cytomegalovirus) is only recommended if the patient gives a specific history for this ...

Famous quotes containing the word recommended:

    I am like a doctor. I have written a prescription to help the patient. If the patient doesn’t want all the pills I’ve recommended that’s up to him. But I must warn that next time I will have to come as a surgeon with a knife.
    —Javier Pérez De Cuéllar (b. 1920)

    There is not a greater paradox in nature,—than that so good a religion [as Christianity] should be no better recommended by its professors.
    Laurence Sterne (1713–1768)

    Goldsmith tells us, that when lovely woman stoops to folly, she has nothing to do but to die; and when she stoops to be disagreeable, it is equally to be recommended as a clearer of ill-fame.
    Jane Austen (1775–1817)