Rawat may refer to:

  • Rawat, Murree, a town in Punjab, Pakistan
  • Rawat Fort, early 16th century fort built by the Gakhars in Punjab, Pakistan
  • Rawat, "Rawat" was title for many Princely states in India. Many Rulers/King has title of Rawat/Rawal Sahib instead Maharaja in India.
  • Rawat a gotra of the jat community
  • Rawat Rajputs, ethnic group of India
  • Van Rawats, a native minority group from Uttarakhand, India.
  • Raut, a caste of Central India
  • Rawat, a gotra of the Khandelwal Vaishya community, found mostly in Rajasthan, India.
  • Rawat Tribhuwan Singh Rathore Barmer, Member of Barmer Royal Family
  • Harish Rawat, politician
  • Chitrashi Rawat, hockey player
  • HCS Rawat, mountaineer
  • Nain Singh Rawat, explorer
  • Navi Rawat, American actress
  • Pradeep Rawat, Indian actor
  • Prem Rawat, a speaker and teacher on the subject of inner peace
  • Satpal Singh Rawat, also known as Satpal Maharaj, a politician and teacher on the subject of inner peace
  • Rawat Tana, wheelchair racer from Thailand
  • Shonal Rawat, Indian model
  • Nirmal Rawat (Snr), Famous Gadwali Boy

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