Rambla of Montevideo - Denomination - Bay of Montevideo

Bay of Montevideo

  • Rambla Baltasar Brum (Capurro & Bella Vista) starts from the new Port of Capurro, just across the Park of Capurro, running parallel to National Route 1, then crosses the industrial area of Bella Vista in a southeaster direction up to the power generation plant of UTE.
  • Rambla Edison (Bella Vista) runs along the thermoelectric power plant of UTE in a southward direction.
  • Rambla Sud América (Aguada) starts just north of the Telecommunications Tower of ANTEL in Aguada, runs past the new train terminal in a southward direction and ends at of the old Estación Central General Artigas.
  • Rambla Franklin D. Roosevelt (Ciudad Vieja) starts at the front side of the old train terminal and runs in a westward direction separating part of the Port of Montevideo from the Ciudad Vieja.
  • Rambla 25 de Agosto (Ciudad Vieja) starts from the historic site of the Bodegas, where a small part of the original fortifications of Montevideo is preserved, and runs southwest. Notable sites here are the Tower of Customs, just across the tourist hotspot of the Mercado del Puerto. At its end, traffic turns southeast into a short avenue called Ingenieur Monteverde up to the end of the west side on the Port of Montevideo.

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