Quinn - Surname


People commonly known by their family name Quinn include:

  • Aidan Quinn, American actor
  • Alex Quinn, a British television reporter and presenter
  • Alexander James Quinn, Auxiliary Bishop of Cleveland
  • Alexandra Quinn, Canadian porn star
  • Anthony Quinn, (1915–2001) Mexican-American actor
  • Anthony Tyler Quinn
  • Bradley Quinn (born 1976), Northern Irish photographer
  • Brady Quinn, American football quarterback
  • Chris Quinn, American basketball player
  • Christine C. Quinn, Speaker of the New York City Council
  • Colin Quinn, American actor and comedian
  • Dan Quinn, retired professional ice hockey center
  • Daniel Quinn, writer
  • D. Michael Quinn, Mormon historian
  • David Beers Quinn, Irish Historian, English Exploration Expert
  • Edmond Thomas Quinn, American sculptor
  • Edward Quinn, Irish photographer
  • Emmett Quinn, Canadian ice hockey executive and businessman
  • Feargal Quinn, Irish senator and businessperson
  • Francesco Quinn, American actor
  • Freddy Quinn, Austrian singer and actor
  • Glenn Quinn, Irish actor
  • Graham Quinn (athlete), New Zealand athlete
  • Helen Quinn, physicist
  • Jonny Quinn, drummer for Snow Patrol
  • Julie Quinn, American politician
  • Kellin Quinn, American singer
  • Kimberly Quinn, American journalist
  • Lawrie Quinn, UK politician
  • Lorenzo Quinn, Artist and sculptor and son of actor Anthony Quinn
  • Marc Quinn, English artist
  • Martha Quinn, MTV VJ
  • Molly C. Quinn, American Actress
  • Micky Quinn, English footballer
  • Nesanel Quinn, principal of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas
  • Neville Quinn, South African cricketer
  • Niall Quinn, Irish footballer
  • Padraig Quinn, former Irish Republican Army officer
  • Paddy Quinn (disambiguation)
  • Pat Quinn (politician), 41st Governor of Illinois
  • Paul Quinn, Scottish footballer
  • Percy Quinn, Canadian athlete, businessman, ice hockey executive and Toronto politician
  • Rob Quinn, an Irish footballer
  • Robert E. Quinn, an American politician and a former governor of Rhode Island
  • Ruairi Quinn, Irish politician
  • Sally Quinn, American journalist and author
  • Sean Francis Quinn, Anti-Treaty IRA office
  • Susan Quinn, American non-fiction writer
  • Terry O'Quinn (born Quinn), American actor
  • Wayne Quinn, English footballer
  • William F. Quinn, American politician

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