Humanity may refer to:

  • The human species
    • The total world population
  • Human nature, psychological characteristics that all normal humans have in common
  • The human condition, the totality of experience of existing as a human
  • Humanity (virtue), a set of strengths focused on “tending and befriending others”
  • The humanities, academic disciplines which study the human condition using analytic, critical, or speculative methods
  • Humanity+, an international non-governmental organization advocating the use of emerging technologies to enhance human capacities
  • Humanity Declaration, a statement made by Japan's Emperor Hirohito at the end of World War II
  • Kingdom of Humanity, a micronation
  • Statue of Humanity, a statue in Kars, Turkey
  • Religion of Humanity, a secular religion created by Auguste Comte
  • Church of Humanity, a church influenced by the Religion of Humanity above
  • Humanity's Team, a spiritual movement developed following the 9/11 events

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Last Days Of Humanity - History
... was in a grindcore band called Fatal Error prior to joining Last Days of Humanity ... Plock, he saw the opportunity to add their own noise project to the bill, and Last Days of Humanity was born ... Last Days of Humanity at this time consisted of only two vocalists (Erwin and Hans) ...
Church Of Humanity
... Church of Humanity was a positivist church influenced by Auguste Comte's "religion of humanity." Comte's "religion of humanity" in France, although small, inspired the rise of the "Church of Humanity" in England ... For example Anna Haycraft was raised in the "Church of Humanity" before converting to Catholicism ... led to an American version of the "Church of Humanity." This was largely modeled on the English church ...
Humanity - Publications
... Humanity (journal), an academic journal published by the University of Pennsylvania Press humanity, a journal of non-fiction and photography published by The Humanity ...
Looking Glass (series) - Book 2 - Vorpal Blade
... In dealing with the Looking Glasses, humanity has discovered precisely one friendly species ... About a hundred years in advance of humanity, the Adar have had all sorts of problems with the hostile entity known as the Dreen and their slave races ... With the discovery of an ally in Humanity they look forward to a brighter future ...

Famous quotes containing the word humanity:

    Each man too is a tyrant in tendency, because he would impose his idea on others; and their trick is their natural defence. Jesus would absorb the race; but Tom Paine or the coarsest blasphemer helps humanity by resisting this exuberance of power.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Humanity has passed through a long history of one-sidedness and of a social condition that has always contained the potential of destruction, despite its creative achievements in technology. The great project of our time must be to open the other eye: to see all-sidedly and wholly, to heal and transcend the cleavage between humanity and nature that came with early wisdom.
    Murray Bookchin (b. 1941)