Queensland State Election, 2006 - Results


The election result was disappointing for the Coalition. It failed to make significant gains from Labor, despite the fact that the Government had been in office for eight years and had been mired in a series of scandals in its third term. It also failed to make headway against the Independents which still held many safe rural conservative seats, winning back only Gympie. Recent instability in the Coalition, combined with a poor media performance by inexperienced Liberal leader Dr Bruce Flegg was seen as being responsible for the result. In addition, Premier Peter Beattie remained personally popular. With Labor’s huge majority largely intact, it was seen as being unlikely that the Coalition would be able to win the next election.

Queensland state election, 9 September 2006
Legislative Assembly

Enrolled Voters 2,484,479
Votes Cast 2,247,728 Turnout 90.47 –0.97
Informal Votes 43,657 Informal 2.08 +0.09
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary Votes % Swing Seats Change
Labor 1,032,617 46.92 –0.09 59 – 4
Liberal 442,453 20.10 +1.60 8 + 3
National 392,124 17.82 +0.86 17 + 2
Greens 175,798 7.99 +1.23 0 ± 0
Family First 41,659 1.89 +1.89 0 ± 0
One Nation 13,207 0.60 –4.28 1 ± 0
Independent 103,022 4.68 –1.15 4 - 1
Total 2,200,880 89

The two-party preferred vote, excluding votes which were exhausted in the distribution of preferences under the Queensland optional preferential vote, was 55.0% for Labor and 45.0% for the National/Liberal Coalition.

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