Quan (Chinese: 全; pinyin: Quán), is a Chinese family name. Liang, Yang in alternative mandarin common. The character 全 is rendered as Jeon in Korean and is one of several Chinese characters for the common Korean surname Jeon (Chun). The name is spelled Chuan in Taiwan, based on the Wade–Giles romanization system.

Quan (全) family founded from Public Office name at early Zhou Dynasty period, and Quan (全) is Region name of old China, there people use surname Quan. Quan Cong was a military general of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms, Quan Huijie (全惠解) the Empress Quan (全) was empress of Eastern Wu.

Wan Quan (万全) is nomad people of Mongolia, he made surname Quan (全) with Given name, see the Wan (万) family.

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