Liang may refer to:

  • Liang (surname), a Chinese surname common in Taiwan and southern China.
  • Liang (state), one of the states in China of the Spring and Autumn period (475-221 BCE).
  • Liang Dynasty (502-557), one of the Southern Dynasties in the Northern and Southern Dynasties period.
    • Daliang, ancient name of Kaifeng, in the province of Henan
    • Liang, the region of Henan and Shanxi near the historical city of Liang
  • Former Liang, a state of the Sixteen Kingdoms during the Jin dynasty (265–420) in China.
  • Later Liang Dynasty, one of the Five Dynasties during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period in China (907–923).
  • Liang Mukim, one of the mukims in the Belait District of Brunei.
  • The Chinese ounce or tael: 両 liǎng.

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... Liang Chongyi (梁崇義) (died 781) was a general of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty ... During the reign of Emperor Daizong, Liang took advantage of the army's discontent after the death of the general Lai Tian (來瑱) to seize control of Shannan East ...
Liang, Belait - Other Locations
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... The famous statesman Zhuge Liang from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history lived in Longzhong seclusively for more than ten years ... It is where Liu Bei met Zhuge Liang and the story of the Longzhong Plan occurred ... Liu Bei made three trips before he was able to see Zhuge Liang ...
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