Ban Gu

Ban Gu (Chinese: 班固; Wade–Giles: Pan Ku; AD 32–92), courtesy name Mengjian (孟堅), was a 1st century Chinese historian and poet best known for his part in compiling the Book of Han. He also wrote a number of fu, the main poetic genre of the Han era. A number of Ban's fu are anthologized by Xiao Tong in the Wen Xuan.

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Ban Gu - Ban Family
... Ban Biao (班彪 3-54 CE father) Ban Gu (班固 32-92 first son) Ban Chao (班超 32-102 second son) Ban Xiong (班雄 ?-after 107 Ban Chao's eldest son) Ban Shi. 128 youngest son of Ban Chao) Ban Zhao (班昭 49-140 daughter) ...
Zhang Heng - Literature and Poetry
... by Sima Qian (145–90 BC) and the Book of Han by Ban Gu (AD 32–92) differed from other ancient texts that were available to him ... which were based on the "Rhapsody on the Two Capitals" by the historian Ban Gu ... Zhang's work was similar to Ban's, although the latter fully praised the contemporaneous Eastern Han regime while Zhang provided a warning that it could suffer the same fate as the Western Han if it too declined ...
Book Of Han - Contents
... Sima Qian's Records of the Grand Historian, initiated by Ban Gu's father, Ban Biao, at the beginning of the Later Han Dynasty ... to as Later Traditions (後傳), which clearly indicates that the elder Ban's work was meant to be a continuation ... and Yang Xiong also worked on continuations of Sima's history.) After Ban Biao's death, his eldest son Ban Gu was dissatisfied with what his father had completed, and he began a new history that started with the ...

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