Qor IQ

Qor IQ

QorIQ ( /ˈkɔr.aɪ.kjuː/) is a brand of Power Architecture-based communications microprocessors from Freescale. It is the evolutionary step from the PowerQUICC platform and will be built around one or more Power Architecture e500mc cores and come in five different product platforms, P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5, segmented by performance and functionality. The platform keeps software compatibility with older PowerPC products such as the PowerQUICC platform. In 2012 Freescale announced ARM based QorIQ offerings beginning in 2013.

The QorIQ brand and the P1, P2 and P4 product families were announced in June 2008. Details of P3 and P5 products were announced in 2010.

QorIQ P Series processors will be manufactured on a 45 nm fabrication process and was available in the end of 2008 (P1 and P2), mid 2009 (P4) and 2010 (P5).

QorIQ T Series is based on a 28 nm process and is pushing a very aggressive power envelope target, capping at 30 W. These are using the e6500 core with AltiVec and are shipping in 2012.

QorIQ LS-1 and LS-2 families are ARM based processors using the Cortex A7 and A15 cores upon the ISA agnostic Layerscape architecture. They will be available in 2013 and will target low end wireless infrastructure applications.

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